Let's explore how others have found value on the Ziplyne

Customer Engagement/
User Experience
Your product and site may be second to none but little
will matter if your prospective users/customers are
unwilling to power through the on-boarding friction.

Ziplyne guides users through an efficient, virtual
hand-holding experience to ensure maximized
engagement and conversion.
Jon Ching
Founder & CEO Musing
Each time a user visits, we want them to understand the value of our site and have them contribute to asking questions or answering another user’s question as fast as possible. Ziplyne allows us to decrease the time to value without adding any manual interaction with our users."
Employee Software
How happy are you with your SaaS ROI? Are your employees
utilizing your subscription software at the levels you expect?

Past solutions (e.g. video tutorials, PDF guides) have often
been time-consuming to produce, expensive to maintain
and/or non-scalable.

Ziplyne enables users to learn directly within the application
and within in the moment. The onboarding/adoption process
can be tailored your individual user base and adjusted
dynamically and contextually for "real" adoption.

Better training leads to higher retention and less attrition.
Bob Hatter
Cincinnati Operations at Velosio
Ziplyne helps us service our many customers with offices and users spread around the globe. Utilizing Ziplyne in conjunction with new application introduction allows customers to easily document their existing and new policies, rules, workflows, and procedures and embed these context specific text and video elements directly into relevant locations of the user screens. As a result, Ziplyne enabled our customers to significantly reduce the high costs and inefficiencies associated with traditional training and support modes.”
Sales Enablement/Demos
Imagine if you could give every member of your sales team
a personal on-site coach 24/7. Sales reps often have their
hands full staying current with both 3rd party tools and
applications as well as your own Saas product upgrades &

Ziplyne enables the utilization of scripts, demos and
training tools within a seamless and dynamic environment
so that your sales team can ramp up quicker than ever and
consistently grow and refine.

Ziplyne can shorten training times, speed up sales cycles,
decrease need for shadowing and, perhaps
most importantly, boost your win-rate!
Jonathan Brickman
Veteran SaaS Sales Executive
Ziplyne addresses the ramp to productivity challenge head on with an in-line solution that provides content and messaging organically. The faster you can onboard a new salesperson, the faster you get to productivity and revenues.”
HelpDesk/ Customer Service
Support Optimization
Market studies have shown that 60-70% of Tier 1 support
tickets are repetitive and common. The automation of
Ziplyne cuts down on excess support resources and
eliminates much of the need for live chat and co-browsing.

Ziplyne’s seamless user-experience model means that
your customers can feel as if you are in the room with
them at virtually all times.

Feedback is generated in the form of screenshots
and annotations, so that communication is consistent
and robust, while external development time/costs
are reduced.
Kunal Kumar
SVP, Production & Marketing
5678 Media Group
As a company, we were looking for a way to simplify the dance application process for 10,000+ applicants. Ziplyne simplified the entire applicant onboarding process and helped us cut down on the common and repetitive questions that would otherwise come to our phones, emails, chats, etc."